Greetings from Dragon*Con, and a note to Mac users

Well, here in Atlanta we’ve almost reached the halfway point at Dragon*Con and it has been an absolute blast. A big thanks goes out to everyone who has fanned the flames of indie game development by showing their support for Legerdemain here at the Con.

If you’re in town this weekend drop by and see us; we’re in the Marriott Exhibition Hall, Booth 208 in the Marquis Ballroom.

And a note to my Mac users who have had trouble getting the game to run from a CD: everything is better than it seems. Turns out my .command file isn’t as flexible as it could be, if you just copy everything on the CD to the *root folder* of your ‘Macintosh HD’ then the .command file will cooperate smoothly. Copying to the Desktop is not enough; you need to make sure that the /Legerdemain folder is at the root of your filesystem (along with /Applications, etc.)

Feel free to use the contact info on my business card if you have any further questions.


Canticle of the Onslaught has gone to press

Last night, as the clock struck midnight and the cuckoo emerged to give its twelve ominous trills, I clicked send and fired off the final manuscript for the official Legerdemain cluebook.

It is now in the hands of its capable publishers, and those of you who have shown your support by purchasing it will be getting yours soon.

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