Roguelikefiction on the Road

So… cheers to all the cool folks we met at Origins last month in Columbus, OH; we had a real blast. Sales of our Legerdemain cluebook package exceeded expectations and we have already sent in a call to our printer here in Atlanta for another run.

Next up is Gen*Con Indy, which runs in Indianapolis from Aug. 5 to 8 and promises to be an even bigger event than Origins. We’ll be in booth #2543 so if you missed us in June drop by and hang out as we peddle our wares and chat about upcoming games and experimental fiction projects we’ve gotten cooking.

Here’s a shot of the booth, with Rabelais holding up the cards and Dr. Zaius holding down the books:

Here’s a shot of Legerdemain’s confused author. I think this was Barley’s, right across the street from Origins.

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