Origins, Trollhalla, and Giant Cows

We are back from Columbus and pleased to announce that Roguelikefiction has unleashed weird epic poetry upon the public. Our premiere of The Boviniad at the Origins Game Fair was a success and we are now in negotiations with our distributors to see that it makes a strong showing at WorldCon this September. A big thanks to Bill Ward and Maxwell Sebastian for their help in running the booth and making this all possible.

Meanwhile our CRPG Legerdemain had another strong showing at Origins in 2011 and we were excited to learn that word had gotten around since last year. The text-based version of the game is still available for free in the Download area of this site so give it a shot and check out our forums.

Other fun bits to report as well – a long-awaited introduction to Talisman, some RnR with Andy Hopp and his Clifford the Big Red God, an enlightening discussion with Michael Stackpole on the business of eBooks, and lots more. We also had the pleasure to meet game designer Ken St. Andre, whose seminal RPG Tunnels and Trolls went up against D&D in its heyday and continues to inspire fans around the world.

Also the first volume of The Boviniad is now officially available, so if you’d like to order your copy you can get it here. Our first printing was a limited run, so grab one while you still can.

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