You’ve reached the online home of Roguelikefiction: a small indie-game development shop based out of Atlanta, GA.

Mostly this site is about our first title: an epic and surreal CRPG called Legerdemain. It is written in Java and runs on PCs running Windows, Mac, and Linux. We have free versions of Legerdemain available over at the downloads area, so feel free to try it out!

Legerdemain takes place in a strange and cracked fantasy world called Phenomedom. You assume the role of an imprisoned magician seeking to learn the nature of your captivity. Along the way you’ll uncover vast conspiracies, morbid secrets, and the secrets of ancient puzzles. You’ll likely slay a few thousand monsters along the way too.

Legerdemain draws heavily upon interactive fiction and Roguelike games to provide an experience focusing on story and depth of play. From interactive fiction we inherit elements of scene description, exploration of new environments, and conversation with the game’s inhabitants. From Roguelike games we derive a top-down two-dimensional perspective and numerous strategic elements. Legerdemain’s glyph-based UI is also reminiscent of Roguelike games, but here we forego ASCII for the myriad and more modern conventions of Unicode.

So come on in and give Legerdemain a try! We have a persistent, hand-crafted world, a detailed but intuitive approach for character development, a novel spellcasting system called Manipulation, and over two hundred hours of gameplay. There’s merchandise for sale too! See the tab marked Get Stuff! for more details.

Enjoy your stay!

The Phenomedom Tourist Bureau

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