Origins Game Fair 2010

This week Roguelikefiction will be appearing in Columbus, Ohio to participate in the 2010 Origins Game Fair. Come out and show your support as we provide a preview of new features coming to our CRPG Legerdemain.

The fair will be held from Wednesday, June 23rd to Sunday, June 26th. For more details visit

Indie-game Slam Open Mic

Roguelikefiction will be attending IGDA Atlanta’s Open Mic party on Saturday, February 6th from 7:00 to 10:00 PM at W. Atlanta Midtown. Come out and show your support as we provide a presentation of Legerdemain and talk shop with lots of other indie-game developers all around Atlanta.

You can find out more at the Facebook page for this event, available here:

Version 1.0.2 now available!

After a bit of a hiatus we are pleased to announce a new release of Legerdemain! Version 1.0.2 retains backward compatibility with previous versions while introducing many bugfixes and new features too. Go get it from the downloads area, and visit our todo list for an exhaustive list of changes.

Also a big thanks to all those who responded to our request for an artist. Stay tuned for more updates about this in the near future.

Artist Wanted

Roguelikefiction is currently seeking an artist to draw tiles for our CRPG Legerdemain. Those of you familiar with the game (or roguelike games in general) will know that the entire world is rendered in a motley collection of letters, numbers, upside down question marks, trademark symbols, and some of the more bizarre glyphs that Unicode has to offer. This is how it has been since the beginning and future versions will preserve this tradition.

But to widen Legerdemain’s appeal we are looking to add an alternative representation that would render the world in a graphical manner, and for this we need an artist to furnish tiles. If this is something you’d be interested in, please send us an email with your rates and your vision. Precedence will be afforded to candidates with prior gaming credits and/or a deep familiarity with Legerdemain itself. 

In the meantime, you can support us if you haven’t already by purchasing Legerdemain’s official cluebook and Phenomedom world map. Our first edition has almost sold out so grab yourself an original while you can!

Article on IF Theory

An article I’ve put together titled “The Room as Metaphor in Interactive Fiction” has been posted by the kind folks over at Brass Lantern. If you are interested in IF theory or the idea of electronic storytelling in general, it might be worth your while to have a look:

Be sure to check out the rest of Brass Lantern while you’re there, as they offer a lot of thought-provoking articles as well as tutorials and reviews of literate adventure games.

Recent Winners

We’re pleased to announce that Blume and Hegemoth have joined the ranks of those who have completed Legerdemain.

We’re looking to tabulate these reports as they come in, so send your winning save game files to We’re hoping to build something along the lines of a high score table, indexable by philosophy, number of game turns, date reported, and so on. To our knowledge there are no Logos or Chronos manipulators who have succeeded yet; perhaps you can be the first? Visit the forums if you have ideas or enhancements you’d like to see implemented in this area.

A big thank you, too, for those who’ve been chiming in on the forums recently. There have been a lot of good suggestions raised in recent weeks and we have efforts underway to get these implemented in future versions.

Version 1.0.1 now available!

Well the excitement of Dragon*Con and SIEGE has died down so it’s back to work! This version is a bugfix release, highly recommended for those who have gone creeping and crawling into the deeper cracks of Legerdemain over the past couple of months (there are quite a few of you!). You can grab it as usual from the downloads area.

I’d also like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Ed and Hegemoth this month for their feedback and support. It’s folks like these that ensure indie-game development will have a healthy and exciting future.

A SIEGE is coming…

Just a heads up that the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE) will be taking place Oct. 3-5 in the Hyatt Regency Suites in Marietta, GA. SIEGE is an ambitious three-day affair full of game companies great and small, presentations by speakers in the game industry, and much much more. SIEGE’s emphasis is on promoting and fostering electronic entertainment and game development in the Southeast.

Find out more by visiting Register online ahead of time to avoid the lines. Roguelikefiction will be there so come on out and say hello!

Dragon*Con pics

Here’s the aftermath of a weary Dragon*Con day. Beer, scotch, and other libations not pictured. Left to right: Nathan Jerpe, Rob Parker, Bill Ward, Jason Waltz

Here’s one of our CFO with the gimp:

Celebration dinner, Korean style:

World Map/Cluebook now available!

For those of you who have already shown your support for this site by ordering Legerdemain materials online, your wait is almost over. Our first batch of orders will be shipping tomorrow.

A screenshot of all the goods is available here.

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