Version 0.9.6 now available!

A release candidate for Version 0.9.6 is now available from the downloads area! Be sure to consult the Mantis database for a list of fixes and enhancements.

You may find Phenomedom has changed in subtle ways since the previous version. New dialogue has been added along with some new items. Certain regions have been reshaped and/or had their populations adjusted, particularly for the case of early areas that you revisit once your fame has grown. There are more scripted events, too.  The end-result of all of this is that v0.9.6 is still save-game compatible with v0.9.5, but those who are so upgrading are advised to retire at an inn before doing so. This will ensure any changes to an area are generated correctly in the new version.

There have been some questions, too, regarding online play. The first time you play Legerdemain you need to be online to download it. But once that initial download has taken place, you can play offline if you want; just make sure you saved a copy of the .jnlp file! I’m looking into ways to make this more obvious (and convenient) in coming versions; if you’d like to make a suggestion feel free to visit the forums!

Stay tuned for big news in the coming weeks as 1.0 draws closer…

Cartographer wanted!

The Tourist Bureau is currently soliciting paid artwork for a map of Legerdemain’s game world. If you or somebody you know is an artist and is interested in becoming Phenomedom’s official mapmaker, please send us an email.

Candidates are encouraged to submit samples or post links to other artwork they have done previously. Hand-drawn and/or single-color work will be given preference.

If you are selected for this commission you will be provided more details. You’ll learn everything there is to know about Phenomedom’s overworld, from the Western Tendril’s coral reefs to the deepest canyons of Timmertaut. Players allergic to spoilers need not apply.

Version 0.9.5 now available!

The march towards 1.0 continues. Today’s new version implements numerous bug fixes, improvements to inventory management, and much more. Save game compatibility with Version 0.9.4 is also supported.

Go grab it from the downloads area! You can also visit the Mantis database to see if that annoying little misfeature you reported was addressed.

Thanks go out to all the posters and bug reporters and email senders! If there’s a better motivator out there than enthusiastic players, I have never heard of it.

Forum Updates

I’ve given the forums a bit of a touchup. Come on in, let me know what you think!

Gallery updates

I’ve added six new screenshots to the gallery. Most of them are taken at places you will encounter later in the game.

If you have screenshots of your adventures that you’d like to share, leave a comment or contact me, and I’ll try to add it to the collection here.  Character dumps are welcomed too, and can be dropped off at the forums.

Version 0.9.4 now available!

Head over to the downloads area for a downloadable distribution. Be sure to check out the bugtracking database for a list of changes and a roadmap for future versions.

A big thanks to nonobots for helping make this release possible.

Mantis bugtracker now up!

Available by selecting the ‘Todo List’ above. Signup for an account if you want to submit bug reports or feature requests, and to view the Legerdemain roadmap.

New website

The website has gotten a much needed facelift! Check back in the coming weeks for forthcoming updates.

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